Meetings Running Again

bikegeek meetings are now up and running again. We're meeting tonight (9/13) and will every other week on Thursdays until further notice.

Please contact us if you want to help out! We'll give you directions to the meeting (currently being held at the home of member).

Chicago Stolen Bike Registry upgraded

The Chicago Stolen Bike Registry was upgraded from Drupal 4.7 (the version on which it was created) to Drupal-7.  Intrepid bikegeek Justin did the upgrading work.

This work paves the way for future planned site functional enhancements.  Stay tuned!

Meeting notes 11/10/2011

Tonight's meeting saw us upgrading the bikewinter site from CVS usage to git usage for module checkout (finally).  This is in preparation of our plans to update the site from D6 to D7.

We also fixed the date display on the KCM site.  Weird error -- the strtodate() function was returning the incorrect date for the second Saturday of the month (the date of the Palmer Sq ride).  I wrote a bit fo PHP to manually compute it.

New Kidical Mass Site Launches

Last night we launched a new website for the Kidical Mass rides here in Chicago.  Check it out:

Thanks to Steven for the lovely custom theme and to the content contributions that made up the previous site.


Meeting Review 9/15

Last night we met to work on a number of things:

  • Steven finished off work on the Kidical Mass site which we launched.  Thanks to Steven!
  • I/todd worked on a server performance issues being caused by calling the cron jobs for all our Drupal sites at the top of the hour.  This causes the server to become unavailable until the jobs finish.  Work is underway to spread this load out.
  • Changes to the new Pinch Points site. relaunched on bikegeeks servers, the "Social Cycling System" has been relaunched on the bikegeeks servers. facilitates group rides via crowd-sourced information and various tools all accessible via mobile smart phones.  Read more here has undergone several enhancements recently as part of the Apps for Metro Chicago contest and now leverages datasets from the City and State.


Meeting Review 8/4

Last Thursday's meeting was just Steven Lane and I (todd).  We worked on Steven's new Chicago Kidical Mass theme -- it's looking spiffy!

I/todd completed work on my Drupal site templating system (  The drupal 7 template will be used on the new CKM site.  I'm using the D6 template to build a short-lived campaign website for a to-be-launched-soon campaign.

Next meeting -- 8/18 -- contact us for more information!

Meeting Review 7/21

At the meeting the other day, Steven finalized his work on a new theme for the new Chicago Kidical Mass site.  It's great (and features some kids I'm quite fond of!)

We also started planning BW site revisions -- hopefully we can get the site up to snuff before bikewinter 2012.

I continued work on my drupal infrsatructure.  I'm done w/ my edits to my script library.  Next up is to generate a Drupal 7 template site.

Meeting Review 23June / Documentation

Last night's meeting went well -- I'm glad they're rolling again. 

Mr. Lane and I worked on a new site for the Chicago Kidical Mass.  This is the first site I've done in Drupal 7.  It's been fun working with the new system.

In other news, I've made great progress towards documenting the bikegeek system, how things have been set up and how to get specific tasks taken care of.  This is documented as a book on this site -- requires one to be logged in to view.

bikegeeks Meetings Resumed

The bikegeeks have resumed regular meetings! We're meeting every other week at the Annex.  Please see the Join Up/Meetings page for more information.

The meeting host will provide beverages and snacks so come on out and BYOLaptop

New Bike Winter website launches.

After a bunch of false starts and a tremendous amount of work by Chicago bikegeeks (both official and honorary), we are please to announce last night's launch of the new Bike Winter website. The site is not yet considered complete, but the choice was made to launch the site in an incomplete state to allow those seeking information about winter cycling access to the tremendous amount of new content on the new site. Work will continue on this site to enable additional functionality and to further refine the project's custom theme. The new site features (or will feature) an annual blog by someone making their first foray into all season cycling, cyclist profiles created by the community, and the ability to provide feedback on the various HOW-TO articles by leaving new comments and ratings on existing comments.

The old, venerable Bike Winter site, which has served the community over the last decade, will remain accessible at . As we retire another of these sites, it is worth taking a moment to once again thank veteran bikegeek Jim Redd, author of the original Bike Winter site (along with the first Chicago Critical Mass site and others), for the work done for the community.

Meeting June 8th

We'll be having a bikegeeks meeting (first in a while) on Tuesday, June 8th at the New Wave coffee shop (see the meetings page).  The meeting will run from 6:30 through whenever everyone is ready to leave.

This will be (among other things) an orientation meeting for those geeks who are interested in helping out.

Drop us a line for more info.

Mercury Cafe Closes!

The bikegeeks have now outlived another coffee shop.   First Westgate and now our most recent home, the Mercury Cafe.

The Mercury Cafe  was a well-loved haunt for not just the bikegeeks, but lots of groups in the bike community.  The Chicago Critical Mass art show was held there for a few years running and various other community events took advantage of their copious meeting space, yummy food, and free wi-fi.

The following is on the front page of the Mercury Cafe Website:  (provided for historical sake)



I was glad we could provide a space where different groups could meet each other. It was nice to see that everyone from books clubs to knitting clubs to Muslim/Jewish open mic to feminist meet ups could find the place comfortable enough for themselves.

Alas...  We'll miss you Mercury Cafe.

bikegeeks and Break The Gridlock sites no longer part of Westgate

Both this site and the Break The Gridlock site are now no longer part of the Westgate system of shared logins.  This was done to allow the sites to be updated independently of the rest of the Westgate sites. Both sites have now been updated to Drupal v6.

Weekly meetings curtailed

Because of the amount of bikegeek work that has been going on outside of the Monday meetings, we'll be curtailing the "weekly" part of the meeting plan.  Meetings will still happen, but on an irregular schedule.
Please contact us if you want to come on by and we'll let you know if someone was planning on being there and, if not, see if we can arrange something.