Westgate sites updated / Westgate development available

All the Westgate sites have (finally) been updated to the most recent version of Drupal 4.7. For a long time they were stuck on Drupal 4.7.5, a very old version. At the same time, the sites have been broken up from the old monolithic Drupal installation to the installation-per-site technique that has become a recognized best practice.

Bikegeeks migrated off whip

At last night's meeting, the Westgate sites were moved off our old production server, whip.bikegeeks.org. A moment of silence and some beer-poured-on-the-ground for this old work-horse of a machine....

As of today, all bikegeeks sites are now running DreamHost with the exception of the West Town Bikes site which is running on a host owned by bikegeek Paul. DreamHost provides this account for free because of Break The Gridlock's looming 501c3 status.

Current Westgate Sites

Sorry for not have been keeping this up (don't even know if anyone reads it); but big updates coming soon.

Current westgate sites:

Meeting notes from 7/21 meeting

Last night's meeting was all about Bike Winter. The content rewrite team met to discuss final content layout changes and potential new geek Frank showed up to discuss a new BW theme with me/tod and thestevenlane. I can feel the chill of Bike Winter even thru the July heat!

Meeting notes from 7/14 meeting

Haven't been churning these out as regularly anymore.

The 7/14 meeting was all about Ding Your Bell. thestevenlane and I busted out a new site. Steve took the logo that Brenden from Kunesh Design had worked up for us and tweaked it for an upcoming meeting w/ SRAM. I/tod updated the content and launched a new site on a non-Westgate/Drupal 5 platform.

It has been decided that no new Westgate sites will be launched until the Drupal 4.7 -> 5.0 conversion is complete.

Meeting notes from 6/23 meeting

Last Monday's meeting ended up being another discussion about the new, upcoming Bike Winter website. We discussed plans for the site and the layout structure of the site's content. We made some plans about a new theme (thestevenlane is going to take a crack at it) and made some discussions about the actual content.

Meeting notes from 6/16 meeting

Last monday's meeting was billed as a Bike Winter round table and we spent the bulk of the evening talking about planned updates to the site. We set up a brand new, non-Westgate site as a dumping ground for content created on the site re-engineering.

We also did some Ding Your Bell planning.

Generally a good meeting.

Meeting notes from 6/2 meeting

After a week off for Memorial Day, the bikegeeks met for their first of the monthly 'planning meetings'. These are normally held on the Monday before the monthly Critical Mass ride.

We had good attendance at last night's meeting where we went over the list of 'to dos' and talked about how best to attack it. We decided on what we'd work on next and discussed some of the technical points of Drupal.

After the meeting we adjourned to the Chipp Inn for fermented malt beverages.

5/19 regular meeting canceled.

Due to some group scheduling conflicts, the May 19th meeting is canceled. The next scheduled meeting is the monthly planning meeting, so we'll see everyone then.

-- tod

Planning Meetings

On the Monday before the month's Critical Mass ride, bikegeek bikegeek meetings will be considered Planning Meetings.

These meetings will be used to facilitate new members into the group, give group consideration to new initiatives, and to generally have round-table discussions that benefit from a larger attendance. bikegeek members who cannot attend regular weekly meetings are encouraged to make it to these planning meetings.

Meeting Notes from 5/12/2008 meeting and general catch up.

Hola Amigos, I know it's been a long time since I've rapped with ya, but....

While we haven't had well attended meetings lately, we haven't been completely idle. Work has progressed on keeping the CCM site current and foundations have been laid for other sites. Work is in progress towards moving the Westgate system to Drupal 5 (which itself will facilitate all sorts of other improvements).

Watch this space for exciting news regarding a few new and a few old projects on which work is starting to again happen.


Meeting Notes from 1/14/2008 meeting

At last Monday's meeting, it was just thestevenlane and me/tod. We didn't do any computer work, choosing to survey some of our existing sites and evaluate immediate love needs in the context of upcoming events -- mainly the BTG Show and Tell event and the Auto Show Shutdown on Feb 8th and 9th respectively. We planned our attack and made concrete lists of TO-DOs.

Meeting Notes from 1/7/2008 meeting

Not much happened at tonight's meeting. We mainly sat around and chin-wagged about upcoming tasks and what-not.

Meeting Notes from 12/10/2007 meeting

Last night's meeting at the Mercury Cafe was well attended. Lauren from the Midnight Marauders, two fellows from Working Bikes and three geeks all met at our new meeting spot.

Working bikes was there to continue work on their CiviCRM installation. We also discussed some upcoming changes they want to make to the working bikes theme. I/tod showed them how to use the Moz webdeveloper plugin and told them that if they have CSS updates that they can send them to me or Jordan (webmaster AT WB.org)

Sites in production, sites in development

As a review, here's a list of the sites in production and in development:


Auto Show Shutdown Association
bikegeeks (this site)
UIC College Of Cycling
Break The Gridlock
Friends of Chicago Critical Mass
Cycling Sisters
Campaign For A Free And Clear Lakefront
Stolen Bike Database
West Town Bikes
Working Bikes

and, in production, but not under Westgate

Bike Winter
Chicago Bike Shop Database
Bike Chicago Forums

sites planned/thought about/ or otherwise in development

NEIU College of Cycling
Chicago Midnight Marauders
Depave Chicago
Ding Your Bell (.org)
Logan Square Walks
Mothers Against Driving

Of course, and needless to say, if anyone reading this would like to help out, get hold of us or just show up to a meeting!