Meeting Notes from 12/3/2007 meeting

Last night, it was me/tod, thestevenlane, Shelby P from Working Bikes and Jessica J at the Mercury Cafe.

I worked w/ Shelby on the WB CiviCRM installation. We got him up and running and did some permissions configuration. He's going to prepare some stuff for the next WB meeting and get back to me/tod regarding their usage requirements. We'll further configure user roles from that.

Meeting Notes from 11/26/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was thestevenlane, me/tod, and Shelby P from Working Bikes. Shelby was in to help out w/ the implementation of CiviCRM on the Working Bikes site.

Stevenlane and I/tod did a bit first with the media content type on the CCM site. We set up a view for all media entries and discussed how the final media rendering would look.

Meeting Notes from 11/19/2007 meeting

After having to cancel last week's meeting, it was thestevenlane and myself/tod at the Mercury cafe last night. We worked on the CCM site media mention content type for a while before being joined by (name?) from Working Bikes who was interested in using civiCRM to help WB manage their contact list.

Meeting Notes from 11/6/2007 meeting

We had a pretty good turnout last night at the Mercury Cafe. Thestevenlane, Jordan, Paul, and I/tod were there. We werew also joined by ST who said he'd be interested in helping out.

We talked about a variety of things including putting the txtmob software on whip for use by the CCM ride and (possibly tied into the CCM site. (source here)

We also talked about an upgrade scheme for Westgate to get us up to Drupal 5.x.

Meeting Notes from 10/29/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was just thestevenlane and me/tod. We talked about goings on and got caught in a conversation w/ a potential new recruit. I tried over and over to get on the network, succeeded briefly, but then lost the connection. Maybe too many connections?

No real work accomplished.

Meeting Notes from 10/15/2007 meeting

Lots of geeks turned out for this meeting. We met with M.Hazard of the Midnight Marauders and Corina of the Cycling Sisters to discuss updates to their sites.

Some content was updated.

Mercury Cafe - 'provisional' no longer

When we were in for our meeting last week, we noticed that the Mercury Cafe had replaced their wireless access. The new one is running WPA encryption and the key is posted by the register. My linux laptop connected readily and without incident. At this point, we're calling the Mercury Cafe our new home.

Meeting Notes from 10/1/2007 meeting

Monday was our first real meeting in a while. Previous weeks we'd just mostly sat around dreaming about the big Mass ride.

At this meeting we mostly did the same, talking about the ride the previous Friday. I(tod) did have my laptop out and it connected readily to the new wireless controller. We briefly discussed upcoming work and direction now that CCM is largely done.

Mercury Cafe provisional new home

We have selected the Mercury Cafe as our new, provisional new home. We'll be testing the waters there for the next few weeks.

As always, check the meetings page to see our current meeting space. Meetings are sometimes moved for various reasons, with notices disseminated on the mailing list.

Meeting Notes from 8/20/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was just thestevenlane and me/tod. We met at the Mercury Cafe, on Chicago,

I got there very late due to a bad flat tire situation. (Replaced tube with carried spare, got bike back together, spare burst a leak on final inflation. Had to patch and install original tube.) After I got there, I couldn't get connected to the MC's wireless -- my machine has had issues before dealing w/ WEP keys.

Meeting Notes from 8/13/2007 meeting

At tonight's meeting, held at thestevenlane's apartment, it was just he and me/tod. We worked on CCMX projects -- no real bikegeek work done tonight.

Westgate domain email aliases updated

Last night all Westgate domains that didn't already have them were given 'info@' and 'webmaster@' email alias domains.

Meeting Notes from 8/6/2007 meeting

The geeks met last night at the house of M.Burton, stake holder for a new depaving site being added to the Westgate system. At the meeting Stoner, thestevenlane, me/Tod, and, of course, M.Burton.

All of us, save Steven, worked on the new site. We created banner images and started on the theme while M.Burton started in on site content. We made good progress. A TO-DO page was created to list the work yet to do.

thestevenlane worked on a poster for Friends Of Critical Mass promoting the 10th anniversary ride.

Meeting Notes from 7/30/2007 meeting

At tonight's meeting at Cafe Ciao, it was just thestevenlane, Dan, Stoner, and me/tod.

We did a bit of work on the CCM site, knocking off a couple TO-DO items.

Meeting Notes from 7/16/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting at Cafe Ciao, it was just thestevenlane and me/tod.

We mainly worked on CCMX promotion ideas.