Meeting Notes from 7/9/2007 meeting

At last Monday's meeting, it was thestevenlane and myself(tod). We again met at Cafe Ciao and lamented the loss of Westgate.

We discussed the progress on the CCM site and made some small tweaks. I didn't get much done as I was working on upgrading my laptop to Fedora 7. Steven worked on some graphics stuff for the site.

Meeting Notes from 7/2/2007 meeting

Today we met at Cafe Ciao diagonally across the street from the old Westgate location. It was Paul, thestevenlane, Jordan, and me/tod. At another table the bike cargo folks were meeting and Ho'ard came over to our table after their meeting was over.

Westgate Closes!

The Westgate coffee shop, regular meeting place of the bikegeeks and the source of our main project's name has closed its doors as of 10:00am this morning, July 2nd.

The bikegeeks will, until further notice, meet at Cafe Ciao, diagonally across the street from Westgate's former location.

Here's what was posted on the Westgate website: (this link might not work for long)

bikegeeks launch new Chicago Critical Mass site.

After much work, the bikegeeks are proud to announce the launch of a new website for the Chicago Critical Mass ride at:

The new site carries on in the tradition of the old Chicago Critical Mass site (archived here) while offering several updates. Most importantly, the new site tries to include the CCM community by allowing authenticated users (those with a Westgate login -- available to everyone) to contribute content. Users are encouraged to upload ride reviews on rides they've participated in to the site. These ride reviews (including links to external media sites) allows the community to write their own histories without the need for a "webmaster" gatekeeper. Additionally, users can upload flyers that were passed out at the ride or that are simply made available for download to promote Critical Mass in Chicago and around the world.

Additional functionality is planned for the new CCM site. Contact the bikegeeks if you have the inclination to help make it better.

Meeting Notes from 6/25/2007 meeting

At the meeting last Monday it was thestevenlane, Stoner, Jordan, and me/tod

Meeting Notes from 6/18/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was thestevenlane, Joe S (new bikegeek for CCM), Paul and Dan (who came later), and me/tod

Meeting Notes from 6/11/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was Stoner, thestevenlane, and me/tod.

Meeting Notes from 6/4/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was Paul, Jordan, thestevenlane, and me/tod.

bikegeeks launch new UIC College of Cycling site

Today a new site was launched for the UIC College of Cycling.

You can see the new site at

The UIC CoC group have been working with the bikegeeks for a few months to transition their old static-HTML site to Drupal/Westgate. The site will facilitate organizing efforts of this group to encourage cycling among UIC students, faculty, and staff.

Meeting Notes from 5/21/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was me/tod, thestevenlane, Stoner, and new bikegeek Shawn. Shawn has previously helped out the community by creating the current look-and-feel for the Chicago Bike Shop Database

Meeting Notes from 5/14/2007 meeting

At tonight's meeting it was thestevenlane, Stoner, Dan, and me/tod

Meeting Notes from 4/30/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was Dan and Kevin (representing the site). I/tod showed up late and Jordan came in minutes behind me.

Meeting Notes from 4/23/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was Stoner, Paul, thestevenlane, and me/tod. restored

Due to a configuration change on the bikegeeks production server, was unavailable for several days. This has been found and fixed. We're not really sure why this happened; but it's not happening any longer. :^)

Meeting Notes from 4/2/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting, it was Jordan, thestevenlane, Paul, and me/tod.