Meeting Notes from 3/26/2007 meeting

At tonight's meeting it was just Stoner and me.

Meeting Notes from 3/19/2007 meeting

Stoner, Jordan, Paul, thestevenlane, and me/tod were at Westgate last night. Also in attendance was Kyle Else who I met at the Chicago Drupal meetup and wanted to come out to see what all the fuss was about.

Meeting Notes from 3/12/2007 meeting

Full house at yesterday's meeting. It was Stoner, Dan, Jordan, Paul, and me/tod (who didn't have a lappy).

Meeting Notes from 3/5/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was thestevenlane, Stoner, Jordan, me/tod, and a surprise appearance by Mr. Dan Korn right before closing :^).

Meeting Notes from 2/26/2007 meeting

At the last meeting it as thestevenlane, Dan, Jordan, Kevin, and me(tod)

Meeting Notes from 2/19/2007 meeting

It was Stoner and Paul at the last meeting.

Meeting Notes from 2/12/2007 meeting

At the meeting last Monday, it was me, Stoner, Jordan, and (briefly) thestevenlane.

Meeting Notes from 2/5/2007 meeting

I/Paul helped Dan Lichfield, from WBC, upload photos, to the new photo gallery. Setting up the gallery pretty much involved activating the image, and image_gallery modules, setting up some galleries in the admin page for doing that, and adding some CSS that put a nice black single pixel border around photos.

autoshowshutdown receives Cease And Desist. EFF Responds

The site, recently launched by the bikegeeks, was up only a few days before receiving a Cease and Desist email from the Chicago Auto Show's attorney. The bikegeeks contacted the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for legal advice. The EFF took on the Auto Show Shutdown Association's (ASSA) case and responded to the C&D with a scathing letter.

Read more about it in the ASSA's press release.

Meeting Notes from 1/29/2007 meeting

It was Stoner, Dan, Paul, Nick, thestevenlane, and me/Todd at last night's meeting.

bikegeeks launch the parody site.

The bikegeeks would like recognize the launch of This site, a parody of The Chicago Car Show website, serves as an organizing site for the annual Car Show SHUTDOWN Festival while poking fun at the car show industry.

Westgate upgraded to Drupal 4.7.5

After running in the development environment for over a week, the production Westgate system was upgraded to the latest version of the Drupal 4.7 branch -- 4.7.5.

This will be the last non-bugfix version of Drupal 4.7 now that Drupal 5.0 has been released. The bikegeeks are investigating the migration to 5.0.

Meeting Notes from 1/22/2007 meeting

It was Todd, Dan, Stoner, Jordan, and thestevenlane at the meeting.

Meeting Notes from 1/15/2007 meeting

On this cold, rainy night, we saw Todd, Paul, Steve, and Dan at Westgate.

Dan and Todd worked on the upcoming Autoshow Shutdown site
Steve worked on the new CCM site
Paul worked on mailing lists.

We also discussed how a new Westgate calendar system might work.

Development updated to Drupal-4.7.5

I updated Development to drupal version 4.7.5. We'll test this for a while to see if everything works before updating production.

Instead of my usual (convoluted) method of updating, I just untar'd the new drupal version over Westgate and dealt with the conflicts. Seemed to work much easier. I'll get around to updating the upgrade howto document at some point.