New sites in development

Just added developments sites for more upcoming Westgate sites:,,, and

Meeting Notes from 1/8/2007 meeting

It was a full house tonight: Todd, Paul, Dan, Stoner, & Jordan. We also welcomed two new geeks to the regular fold. In addition, Chris Wallace from Blackstone Bikes came to see what the bikegeeks could do for Blackstone.

We discussed more than we worked as there was a lot to talk about after not having met for a few weeks.

Here is our discussions modified from the agenda for the meeting:

CiviCRM upgraded

The CiviCRM instance running within Westgate has been upgraded to the new 1.6 release. now hosted on bikegeeks server

The Bike Winter site is now being hosted on the bikegeeks production server (formerly, it was hosted on a 3rd party server).

The plan was to leave the old site in its existing place until the site was ready to migrate into Westgate, but circumstances required bringing it over early. This site will be preserved as after the Westgate migration.

12/18/06 meeting recap

At the meeting on 12/18:
o paul worked on the mailing list modules.
o jordan worked on moving the various mailing lists over from the halfd domain to whip
o stoner worked on the bikewinter dev content
o I (todd) worked on moving the CCM and BW sites over to whip
o dan worked on getting his email back on the bikegeeks email list

Next meeting on 1/8/07 (next two cancelled on account of XMas and New Year's Day)

Westgate now running Drupal 4.7.4

I just finished promoting the new version of Westate/Drupal to production. Everything went fine, except that I had to run the .../westgateDev/scripts/ script because I had brought over the bikegeeks database from development. After I ran the script, things worked fine.

Bikegeeks site (this site!) finally joins Westgate

The bikegeeks site has finally made it to production. This site was started along with the Westgate project itself, but never received any love until now.

Browse the site, and feel free to send us any feedback you might have.

- the bikegeeks

Stolen Bike Registry Makes Debut

The new Chicago Stolen Bike Registry site has now been launched in Westgate.

The Stolen Bike Registry makes use of the gmap module to do the nifty display of data points on Google Maps.

Working Bikes Site Goes Live in Westgate

The site for Working Bikes Co-op has gone live in the Westgate system. Working Bikes now has snazzy (theme by jordanb), easy to use home on the net.

Westgate upgrades to Drupal 4.7.2

We have migrated the westgate project to Drupal version 4.7.2 (we were on 4.6.6). The new 4.7 version provides several new features and enhancements, but the one we're most excited about is the streamlined content creation capabilities; creating static site content is now much easier.

The rollout went smoothly. Everthing has been made to work in our development environment first. After everything was checked into subversion, the deployment on the production site was just a few commands.

Westgate trasitions to new server

The production Westgate system has been successfully transitioned to its new server. This server, owned cooperatively by three bikegeeks, lives in a co-location facility in downtown Chicago.

The new server gives the bikegeeks full freedom to modify the production system as they see fit.

Goodby CVS, Hello SVN

With the upgrade to the latest version of Drupal (to 4.6.6), we have recast the source control system directory structure and moved to subversion as well.

The new directory structure will greatly ease Drupal version upgrades and subversion works better for our needs. (Plus, this is a great opportunity to play with subversion!)

Forever Free And Clear site now in production

The Campaign For A Free And Clear Lakefront site has now gone live on the Westgate system. The Depavers have a new home on the web!

Cycling Sisters goes live

The Cycling Sisters site has become the third site deployed into Westgate. Congrations to the Sisters on their snazzy new web site!

Westgate Deployed

The first two sites on the Westgate system, the Break The Gridlock and West Town Bikes sites have gone live to production as of tonight.