Helping Out

Joining the bikegeeks

There's no formal initiation process, you just have to want to help out.  The first step is to drop us a note to introduce yourself and plan to come on out to a meeting.  We'll get you oriented and signed up for the email list and let you know when/where the next meet-up is.


Update 6/1: We've restarted regular bikegeeks meetings.  We'll be meeting in the Annex -- a space belonging to me/Todd.  As I am asking folks to come to my place, I'll provide beverages (usu. beer) and snacks.  Meetings will generally run from 8:45p - 11:00pm.  Please let me know if you're coming so I'll know how much of each to acquire each week.  We'll coordinate via the email list.

We do some socializing at the meetings, but the primary goal of the meetings is to get work done. We're all busy people who have other things going on in our lives. But, our commitment to our projects has us set aside a few hours a week (when we can) to spend working on them. Of course, you can get stuff done not at meetings; and that's just as fine.