Bikegeeks migrated off whip

At last night's meeting, the Westgate sites were moved off our old production server, A moment of silence and some beer-poured-on-the-ground for this old work-horse of a machine....

As of today, all bikegeeks sites are now running DreamHost with the exception of the West Town Bikes site which is running on a host owned by bikegeek Paul. DreamHost provides this account for free because of Break The Gridlock's looming 501c3 status.

This move represents the culmination of lots of work cleaning up and standardizing the Drupal installs that run the majority of the bikegeeks sites. Additionally, the Chicago Bike Shop Database was migrated from PostgreSQL to MySQL. All Drupal sites are now managed with my (cool, IMHO) Drupal bash scripts.

The list of sites now hosted by the bikegeeks: