Westgate sites updated / Westgate development available

All the Westgate sites have (finally) been updated to the most recent version of Drupal 4.7. For a long time they were stuck on Drupal 4.7.5, a very old version. At the same time, the sites have been broken up from the old monolithic Drupal installation to the installation-per-site technique that has become a recognized best practice.

This step also represents a flushing of our old (crufty) subversion system and the introduction of a new subversion system. The old way that I/Todd came up with to enable migration between development and production servers seemed like a good idea at the time. However, it made upgrading between versions of Drupal a daunting task. The new subversion tree is much more straightforward and is really just a backup repository.

In addition to the updated Westgate sites, a new development environment is now also available. Quite a while ago, we lost access to our development server that had been donated to us a long time ago. While this server eventually (and recently) again became available, the setting up of a new development server was already in progress. While there probably won't me much call for active development of Westgate sites (except as noted below), it is good to have a scratch workspace. This workspace can be used for other sites as well, of course -- not just the existing Westgate sites.

The next step is to migrate these sites to Drupal 5.0. There are additional sites that are waiting pending this step. More on this as it goes forward.