New Bike Winter website launches.

After a bunch of false starts and a tremendous amount of work by Chicago bikegeeks (both official and honorary), we are please to announce last night's launch of the new Bike Winter website. The site is not yet considered complete, but the choice was made to launch the site in an incomplete state to allow those seeking information about winter cycling access to the tremendous amount of new content on the new site. Work will continue on this site to enable additional functionality and to further refine the project's custom theme. The new site features (or will feature) an annual blog by someone making their first foray into all season cycling, cyclist profiles created by the community, and the ability to provide feedback on the various HOW-TO articles by leaving new comments and ratings on existing comments.

The old, venerable Bike Winter site, which has served the community over the last decade, will remain accessible at . As we retire another of these sites, it is worth taking a moment to once again thank veteran bikegeek Jim Redd, author of the original Bike Winter site (along with the first Chicago Critical Mass site and others), for the work done for the community.