Meeting Notes from 11/26/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was thestevenlane, me/tod, and Shelby P from Working Bikes. Shelby was in to help out w/ the implementation of CiviCRM on the Working Bikes site.

Stevenlane and I/tod did a bit first with the media content type on the CCM site. We set up a view for all media entries and discussed how the final media rendering would look.

At that point Shelby and I started with the implementation of CiviCRM on the WB site. We got about 85% way done w/ the process when the Mercury Cafe killed their wifi signal. This, unfortunately, caused an outage on the WB site lasting until about noon the next day (14 hrs or so). Apologies to the WB community. Once the problem was identified, both me/tod and JordanB solved the problem simultaneously.

At the next meeting, Shelby will be back to continue on the WB CiviCRM setup. We'll also be joined by J.Jackson, a potential new bikegeek, who's interested in getting the Bike Winter site up and running.