Meeting Notes from 12/10/2007 meeting

Last night's meeting at the Mercury Cafe was well attended. Lauren from the Midnight Marauders, two fellows from Working Bikes and three geeks all met at our new meeting spot.

Working bikes was there to continue work on their CiviCRM installation. We also discussed some upcoming changes they want to make to the working bikes theme. I/tod showed them how to use the Moz webdeveloper plugin and told them that if they have CSS updates that they can send them to me or Jordan (webmaster AT

Jessica J and I discussed her model for the BW site redesign she's planning. We wondered about Spencer and any new BW theme...

Lauren had trouble getting on the network... her wireless card doesn't support WPA? Todd will bring a mini-hub for connection sharing next week and hopefully be able to share his wireless connection via the ethernet.

We discussed the Midnight Marauders site theme and content plan. We decided on the general format for a MM theme and content. We'll go forward this very soon.