Meeting Notes from 1/8/2007 meeting

It was a full house tonight: Todd, Paul, Dan, Stoner, & Jordan. We also welcomed two new geeks to the regular fold. In addition, Chris Wallace from Blackstone Bikes came to see what the bikegeeks could do for Blackstone.

We discussed more than we worked as there was a lot to talk about after not having met for a few weeks.

Here is our discussions modified from the agenda for the meeting:

o Introductions:
- Introduced Steve(n) Vance , who is interested in working on the CCM site. Steve did
- Introduced Dave Eads , who is working on the Blackstone site and will also help us with Westgate work. Dave runs the Free Geek project (

o review of mailing list work
- We quickly reviewed why we're using the Mailman/drupal module versus OG2List for our mailing list. Mailman is simpler and it does what we want now.
- Paul is working on getting a drupal/mailman module (name of module?) working for the production bikegeeks site. The module works by using the Mailman's email command API. For those that sign up, the module sends a subscribe message to Mailman, and keeps track of the password returned. Because it is important for the drupal module and Mailman to 'be on the same page' as far as authentication goes, it is suggested that access to Mailman be limited to the module only, forcing people to sign up via the webpage. This sounded ok to folks; altho Paul was concerned that people might want to deal w/ Mailman (something they know?).
- Jordan talked about his progress moving the mailing lists over from to whip. He's going to work on moving the bikegeeks list to (it's on the BTG domain now). After that, he's going to look into renaming the list to something shorter than 'chibikegeeks'; after *that*, he'll look into incorporating the domain into the mailman storage path or otherwise allow us to use the same list name for multiple domains.
- We reviewed the sites yet to be transfered from Jordan's host to whip: bikewinter & BTG

o Todd reminded everyone to *feel free* to use the blog.

o We discussed pending sites.
- Revisited whether the Beverley Bike Club site should be integrated w/ Westgate.
- Mentioned the bloomingdale trail site -- on hold for now.
- Dan is going to start working on, hopefully to have something in time for this year's shutdown.
- is available to be worked on. Nick Wilson might play around with it.
- Mentioned Kevin M. is going to come to a meeting in a couple weeks to help kick it off. Dan is going to xfer the domain (which he owns) to BTG.
- We reviewed Todd's Westgate domains list.

o Review of Break The Gridlock stuff
- Todd has a BTG godaddy account set up and has transfered several domains to it. The WB domain is "in progress".

o We talked w/ Christopher Wallace about his drupal site. It can't be part of Westgate (for external reasons), but there's still some opportunity to share event data with us for our shared calendar. Dave (who is helping Christopher) is going to help the bikegeeks out as well and we'll see what happens.

o We talked about the shared calendar vision, a few different ways it could be implemented. Calendar aggregation functionality is coming in the upcoming Drupal 5.0, so we're thinking it might be good to wait for it to be released.

o A review of what is going on with the CCM site.
- The flyer exchange is still broken; Gareth is looking into finding backup files. We discussed how this could work on the new CCM site -- whether to use the existing flyer exchange code or to put something together in drupal. People seemed to like the latter.
- The site is running from James's server, but also installed on whip. If you set your hosts file to point traffic at the bikegeeks IP (, you'll see this site. Once it's ready to go, we'll switch the DNS over and CCM will be alive on whip.

o Review of progress
- existing site on whip.
- Todd has checked in an initial version of the theme. check it out.
- Stoner is still working on content transfer.
- Paul is going to set up a multi-city calendar system.
- Todd is working on a script to xfer BW events from the old (custom) calendar into drupal.

o Work:
- Todd set Steve and Dave up as bikegeeks -- got them accounts on the development system and bugzilla, mailed them the 'gettingStarted.txt' file.
- Stoner worked on BW content
- Paul and Dave discussed Blackstone's drupal
- Not sure what Dan and Jordan did. :^)

o Afterwords
- a few of us went to the Beer Bistro for refreshments. We decided that it would be a Good Thing to do this after meetings regularly (even tho the beer is expensive).