Meeting Notes from 1/29/2007 meeting

It was Stoner, Dan, Paul, Nick, thestevenlane, and me/Todd at last night's meeting.

We couldn't start out at our usual table as some decidedly non-bikegeek people were occupying it at our start time. We were able to move to it later.

o I worked with Kevin M from the UIC CoC on getting something going for We stubbed out a new site, discussed what he'd like to see on the site, etc. We're going to try to deploy a live site at in the next few weeks.
o Dan and Steve worked on new images for the ASS site.
o Paul and Nick worked on WTB site enhancements.
o Stoner worked on the BW site.

We had a discussion about profiles for both the UIC and BW sites. Paul is going to set these up to try the content creator export function (to export the definition from one site to another).

We had further discussions about calendars and how the Universal Calendar function should work. Paul is going to set up a nice calendar at

Afterwords, some of us adjourned to the bar for further scheming.