Meeting Notes from 2/12/2007 meeting

At the meeting last Monday, it was me, Stoner, Jordan, and (briefly) thestevenlane.

Stoner and I went over the webfm module and whether it could help w/ the huge-number-of-files issues we've been having transitioning the bikewinter site into it's new Westgate home. We played with the module a bit. Results were mixed. It has a neato filesystem browsing system, and allows files to be "attached" to a node (in a fashion). There are some large disconnects in the way it works with the way we work. Todd is following up w/ the webfm developers on this. (There is a pretty big win for all our sites if we can get something usable together.)

Jordan played with Westgate site mail for a while.

thestevenlane just came by to review some of the to-dos related to the ASS site. He's got some new front-page images brewing.