Meeting Notes from 3/12/2007 meeting

Full house at yesterday's meeting. It was Stoner, Dan, Jordan, Paul, and me/tod (who didn't have a lappy).

We all discussed the webfm module and the BW site. We're going to go forward with the current webfm implementation. Todd will set things up.

We also discussed the new CCM site and some ideas for it. We received an email from thestevenlane saying he was working on the new site from home. Todd will do the theme for the new site, Paul will work on setup, and Dan will focus on content.

We discussed (again) calendar aggregation. We talked about the best way to attack the problem. Todd is going to take a whack at providing the data to the calendar site and Paul will focus on setting the site up.

Paul worked on doing some setup on the new CCM site.

Jordan continued to work on mailing list stuff. He got the bikegeeks email domain moved over to the domain.

Stoner worked on the BW site.

Dan did ?

I/tod just bugged people as I didn't have my lappy.

Afterwords, the northside geeks ajourned to the Handlebar for refreshments.