Meeting Notes from 3/19/2007 meeting

Stoner, Jordan, Paul, thestevenlane, and me/tod were at Westgate last night. Also in attendance was Kyle Else who I met at the Chicago Drupal meetup and wanted to come out to see what all the fuss was about.

At the meeting, we mainly focused on the upcoming Critical Mass site revision (currently in development). Steven showed off his current sit mockup and we discussed the various content types that Paul has created and how each one of those will fit into the new site. We briefly touched on the whole community versus core debate and decided some ways we could include community content while preserving the notion that CM is just CM.

I gave Kyle an introduction to drupal/Westgate/etc. He is going to take up the porting of the NEIU bike club site into drupal.

Afterwords, a couple of us went to the HBar for beers.