Meeting Notes from 4/23/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was Stoner, Paul, thestevenlane, and me/tod.

We mostly worked on the new CCM site and made good progress.

Steven continued to work on additional images for the site.
I/tod worked on the theme. The theme is mostly together now, mostly requiring only tweaks going forward.
Paul worked on a script for the population of ride entries as well as the functionality for 'The Rides' page to allow jumping to a particular month/year ride.
Not sure what Stoner worked on....

Yet to be done:
o Completing the ride entries population. (paul)
o Creating the Ride Overview page design (stevenlane) and implementing this in the template and theme (tod)
o Creating a page listing all rides for a year with info on any postings to those rides (paul)
o Creating a Front Page that lists the Next Ride and the Previous Ride (paul), a design for this page (stevenlane) and the themeing of this page (tod)
o Theme tweaks (e.g. main menu, search bar) (tod/stevenlane)
o "What's Critical Mass" content (dan) and design of this page (dan/stevenlane)
o "Cycling Links" page content (dan)
o Deciding what to do about the Media page and other pages on stevenlane's mock-up page that are not yet on the site. (all)

Afterwords we adjourned to the bar for pints and discussions on the role of the BTG site as the central account signup site.

Paul's concerns/thoughts:
o The BTG site is underutilized and suffering from a bad theme and poor setup.
o Being forwarded to a different site for registration is confusing even in a best-case scenario.
o The new CCM site is going to be the first deployed site to really drive registrations, so this is the time that the above points are going to have impact.
o Forcing BTG/CiviCRM registration (e.g. requiring first/last names) is going to result in 'dirty' data which isn't that useful in the context of assembling a list of Community members for the purpose of advocacy.

We decided:
o Account signup should be "federated" rather than "centralized". Paul's code already supports this. What this means is that new account sign-ups will be performed on the site the user is signing up on. The user will be alerted with the fact that they're already signed up if they try to re-register on a different site. This will prevent the "multiple site confusion".
o The welcome message a new user receives should alert the user to the BTG Mission and invite them to complete their profile at the BTG site. This email (and the registration page) should give a clear disclaimer about what we intend to do with their data. People should be told that we'll send them a sticker if they provide their mailing address (Paul's idea).
o The BTG site needs a new theme (and logo)