Meeting Notes from 6/4/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was Paul, Jordan, thestevenlane, and me/tod.

Jordan worked on some lingering stuff for the WBC site, and the rest of us toiled on the (dev) CCM site.

We made good progress, and the dev CCM site and identified tasks that need to be finished before deployment.
Paul and thestevenlane came up with a better 'the rides' page for displaying a single ride info.
I/tod worked on a new menu for the 'about' pages and added some content (some transfered over from the existing site).
Paul created a form for ride flyer and ride reports that allows ride to be passed in.
I/tod started a content type for flyer exchange flyers.

Shawn H said he'd bust out a design for the front page (previous/next ride page)
Jordan said he'd come up w/ content for the 'about' pages and 'links' page.
Steven said he'd come up w/ content for the /ccmx pages and images for the 'links' page.

We should be good to go on the new CCM site very soon.