Meeting Notes from 6/11/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was Stoner, thestevenlane, and me/tod.

We continued working on the CCM site. We mainly focused our effort on the front page. I came up w/ a simple structure and created the relevant divs and added the IDs and classes for those divs to the stylesheet. thestevenlane took it from there and started a nice design for the front page (it's nice, I've seen it :^). After the hand-off, I started working on the backing code for the front page. Stoner worked on content for the 'links' page. He's committed to finishing that and coming up w/ a logo set for those links.


Other things that were discussed --

  • link specific icons for the main menu links (a la the rat patrol site)
  • flyer exchange contents, moving old ones over, etc. We'll try to move over some of the 'important' (a completely subjective term) flyers, but not all. The old ones will always be available on The old flyer site

    A recap of commitments for CCM site work:

  • thestevenlane will: complete layout images for front page, do content for the '/ccmx' page, fix CSS for 'about' pages
  • Stoner will: complete content and images for the 'links' page
  • I/tod will: implement Steven's design on front page, enhance help text for ride review and ride flyer add pages, design a flyer promoting the new website
  • Jordan will: complete all content for 'about' pages
  • Hopefully we can get this site launched soon!