Meeting Notes from 6/18/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was thestevenlane, Joe S (new bikegeek for CCM), Paul and Dan (who came later), and me/tod

Once again, the CCM site was the focus of the evening (except for Dan).

thestevenlane worked on CCM graphics (not sure what tho)

Paul worked on the generator functions for the teaser lists on the front and Rides pages.

Joe continued his exploration into transferring the flyer exchange data from the old/existing site to the new one. I had worked with Joe earlier in the day to provide him the flyer exchange files and the data set required to upload it to the new server...

I/tod worked on a few things -- got the front page content showing' worked w/ Joe, getting him going on Drupal, going over the to-do list, etc.

Dan worked on the ASS site, updating links that pointed to the (old, existing) CCM site. Dan moved ASS content from the CCM site to the ASS site (where it would have been except there was no ASS site at the time, of course).

The plan is to wrap up stuff this week and use the next meeting to tidy the final things up on the site. The site will go live sometime after the next meeting. (Finally!) Todd will send out a to-do detailing the things that need to get done before the launch.