bikegeeks launch new Chicago Critical Mass site.

After much work, the bikegeeks are proud to announce the launch of a new website for the Chicago Critical Mass ride at:

The new site carries on in the tradition of the old Chicago Critical Mass site (archived here) while offering several updates. Most importantly, the new site tries to include the CCM community by allowing authenticated users (those with a Westgate login -- available to everyone) to contribute content. Users are encouraged to upload ride reviews on rides they've participated in to the site. These ride reviews (including links to external media sites) allows the community to write their own histories without the need for a "webmaster" gatekeeper. Additionally, users can upload flyers that were passed out at the ride or that are simply made available for download to promote Critical Mass in Chicago and around the world.

Additional functionality is planned for the new CCM site. Contact the bikegeeks if you have the inclination to help make it better.

Of course, there's nothing official about this CCM site -- it's not in the nature of Critical Mass. And CCM is, of course, not a Break The Gridlock Member Organization -- that doesn't make sense. Officially, the site was done for Friends of Chicago Critical Mass, a shadowy Illuminati style organization. Everyone, of course, is welcome to make their own CCM site.