Meeting Notes from 7/30/2007 meeting

At tonight's meeting at Cafe Ciao, it was just thestevenlane, Dan, Stoner, and me/tod.

We did a bit of work on the CCM site, knocking off a couple TO-DO items.

We mostly talked about how to integrate 'community' content into the CCM site. This was the subject of some discussion way-back-when when we were working on the site back at Westgate. (Ahhhhh, Westgate, how we miss thee.) As a springboard for discussion, we talked about what we would do with with the content if the Tommy McBride incident were to happen today.

Some things we talked about:

  • Is it really "Critical Mass" content? McBride didn't happen on a CM ride, and had nothing much to do w/ CM save that some folks talked about it at a following ride.
  • Can we work 'community' content into the existing CCM theme easily? The current theme is fairly tightly wound around the site's current functionality...
  • Steven's suggestion: Create a blog-like section in which anyone can create content. The pathauto module could be used to create url aliases for new content. This idea seems to have merit.
  • Todd has concerns about introducing stuff onto the site that could diminish the focus over the subject the site was built for -- the CCM rides. He wondered about approaching Howard to see if the might be made a drupal site and have that be the community content repository.
  • It's looking like, barring any unforeseen events, we'll be meeting at the house of M.Burton and G.Kilgore next Monday. Email me/tod for directions.