Meeting Notes from 8/20/2007 meeting

At last night's meeting it was just thestevenlane and me/tod. We met at the Mercury Cafe, on Chicago,

I got there very late due to a bad flat tire situation. (Replaced tube with carried spare, got bike back together, spare burst a leak on final inflation. Had to patch and install original tube.) After I got there, I couldn't get connected to the MC's wireless -- my machine has had issues before dealing w/ WEP keys.

thestevenlane worked on a new CCMX page to be released as soon as he's done. He'll send an email to the CCM list notifying of this change.

We discussed using the Mercury Cafe as a new permanent meeting space. It has lots of advantages: free wi-fi, good food for cheap, lots of space with big tables. The only downsides are that it's a mile north of Madison Ave putting any S.Siders who show up a bit out of the way. Additionally if Todd (and, by proxy anyone who uses Linux) has difficulty connecting to the wi-fi, we're going to have lots of difficulty working there. Todd will send them an email asking them to remove the WEP key. The place does seem like a good fit tho, when thestevenlane showed up and looked for other geeks, he was asked if (the woman behind the counter) could help him find something. He said he was looking for his group -- "the bikegeeks". The woman recognized the name and said "you're the ones who did the new Critical Mass site!". Wow -- name recognition.

We also talked about how to attract new blood to the bikegeeks cause. There has been lots of attrition since we started the project and not a lot of recruitment. Some of the regular bikegeeks are taking the Summer off and have made commitments to return come Fall. We have lots to do, however and even if all the wayward geeks return, still could use additional help. Todd will put out a note to the CCM site looking for help. If others could do the same on other lists, that'd be great.