The bikegeeks have deployed many sites for Break The Gridlock Member Organizations as well as additional sites that serve the bicycling community as a whole.

The majority of the bikegeeks sites (including this one) are deployed on the Drupal content management system.  Some of  of our older sites are deployed on the Westgate system,  Visit Break The Gridlock for more information on the current list of member organizations for whom the bikegeeks work. Here are some projects we have done: Social Cycling System

massup.usThe smartphone web-app was conceived of and authored by bikegeek Andrew Bedno.  The application allows mobile smartphone users to seek and share real-time data on group rides.  Originally authored to assist the Chicago Critical Mass ride, now supports an arbitrary number of rides.  The application allows smartphone users to query current ride position, share their current position (via GPS data sharing), leave group messages, and more.  Additional information can be seen at the site's "about" page.

The Chicago Bike Shop Database

The Chicago Bike Shop Database is a website listing all bike shops in the Chicagoland area. It allows visitors to see the shops in a filterable/sortable list and using Google Maps. Visitors can leave comments and ratings on shops so others can profit from their experience.

The Chicago Stolen Bike Registry

The Stolen Bike Registry is a data collection system, deployed on Drupal, cataloging incidents of bicycle theft in Chicagoland. Victims of bicycle theft can enter the salient information into the system with the hope that someone viewing the theft report can help them recover it. Cataloging theft information provides useful information as to where bikes are being stolen and the circumstances surrounding the theft. The site supports integration with Google Maps to give a visual picture of theft patterns.


"Project Westgate" is a collection of websites deployed using a multi-site installation of the Drupal content management system. This system creates a federation of the websites deployed within, with systems build specifically to facilitate this. Westgate is the main development effort of the bikegeeks.


The goal of Westgate is to provide a single web-based system, based on an open-source, popular, and well-maintained CMS system for all the websites of the various grass roots groups serving the BTG Member Organizations. This provides two basic and important things: First, it provides a unified web system for all of those websites.